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Why it is a must to rent a bike in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a city where most people prefer biking to cars and public transportations, because it is easier, faster and cheaper to reach all destinations in town.

The average price for renting a bike in Copenhagen is Dkk 100,- ($16) per day.

We at ABC Student Bikes have an agreement with DIS, so we only charge DKK 8,- ($1,2) per day.

We recommend that you rent your bike online in advance, this will make it easier and only cost 5 minutes of your time, when you pick it up.

When you have preordered your bike you will have first priority.

Another advantage of booking ahead of your stay is that you are guaranteed a bike when you arrive.

The bikes available comes with 7 – 3 or 1 gear (shopping bike , street bike etc.  and all kinds of  color , with male/female frame.

All our bikes are fully serviced and will include lights , basket , lock and insurance.

The insurance covers a stolen bike and a new one will be replaced.

Free repairs of all mechanics during semester. We fix it right away in opening hour.

Important:Furthermore, get free bikes for family visiting. Offer only valid in combination with rental of a bicycle and valid DIS credentials.

ABC Student Bikes is part of the Rådhusstræde Cykler which specialize in repairing customers bikes (Incl.DIS Employees ) and renting out bikes for DIS students in Copenhagen.

We are Located  – only 1 minute from DIS office.

For CBS, DTU and other students is a required deposit  when picking up the bike, the deposit will be returned after rental ends. » Click here to order a bike «

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